#1In Store Services

Our experience staff at CustomKings are both artistic and enthusiastic to do their best to accommodate your engraving design needs. Our #1In Store Services also include:

  • Single side house keys
  • Ladies heels replacement
  • Stitch & glue Repair
  • Car/garage remote battery replacement

CustomKings is here to make your life easier. Our signature #1In Store Services – CustomKings does just that!

Do you need extra house keys? We have the solution for you. Check in with us for the services we offer.

Do you have that favourite pair of shoes you love so much because it’s so comfy? We do heel replacements, stitch and glue repair too! No need to suffer breaking in a new pair.

Garage or car remote stopped working? If it needs battery replacement, we can do that for you!

And don’t you ever forget our engraving services we do so well, our customers keep coming back for more!

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