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Baby Gifts

76 products

It's so cute! Gift the presents that last a lifetime or more with our unique and personal baby gifts. From Money Boxes to Towels and...

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Best Selling

847 products

Ranked from Best Selling to Not selling at all, this category allows you to see what people are shopping for!

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Birthday Gifts

98 products

Whether it's an 18th or a 80th we have something for that person that you have known for a day or your whole life. With...

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Car & Garage Remotes

163 products

Remotely opening your car or garage just makes life so much easier so why not keep that feeling going when your remote stops working!

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Clearance Items

37 products

It's always Clearance time at CustomKings with our clearance collection, often products in this section are discontinued or have received damage in store sadly.

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Comic Books

468 products

Avengers to Zootopia, Our comic book range has those issues you are missing or maybe those action figures your friend is looking for.

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Custom Gifts

44 products

These items are most often blank of any occasion engraving, printing or anything! Which means they are the perfect gift to make yours, If you...

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Jewellery Boxes & Perfume Bottles

51 products

Atomisers and Timber Jewellery Boxes, with a wide range to choose from you have a choice for that present, with engraving possible on our giftware...

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Knives & Fantasy Swords

6 products

Display the strength of our knives with our range which is ever evolving, our staff choose the most tantalizing knives from our suppliers to keep...

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Lighters & Lighter Accessories

42 products

Flame On! With our range of Star and Zippo Lighters and all the accessories you need to keep them maintained for that lifetime feel.

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Multitools & Torches

32 products

Leathermans, Led Lensers and other hand tools for every day use, just what the hunter asked for!

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New Products

1123 products

These are our Newest Additions to our range, due to our popular demand for these items it's best to snap them up while you can!...

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Pens & Key Accesories

21 products

Keyrings and Pens, the gift that gets the most use everyday, engravable, printable and personal. For the crossword filler, sudoku completer and letter writer with...

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Wedding Gifts

78 products

Perfect your Perfect Day with these gifts or allow someone else's day to shine brighter with a gift from our growing range. Engravable, printable and...

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