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Nior Toasting Set with Crystals


Sleek and Crystal Lined, Show a style unlike others with these Black Nior Toasting Pair.
Mr and Mrs Rose Gold Champagne Glasses


A Matching Set for the Matching Set. Rose Gold Stemmed to give the happy couple gifts to last a life time.
HG N2WN - Nior Wine Glasses Pair with Diamontes


Black Noir Wine Glasses with Diamontes *Photo Supplied by Supplier*
Flutes with Rose Gold Finish and Crystals at Stem Set


Pair of Toasting Flutes with Rose Gold Finish and Crystals at Stem.
Filled Crystal Stem and Base Champagne Flute Set


This Crystal based Toasting glass set fills anyone with the feeling of pride on their big day, to ensure that feeling the stem of the flute pair is filled with smaller crystals. Due to the sturdy nature of this Toasting Pair they can not currently be engraved.
Filled Crystal Base Toasting Pair


When a toast is made you must strike the glass and which glass would you like to be striking? These beautiful pair of glasses show their true colours on the base with their crystals.
Crystal Lined Stem Toasting Glass Set


When we firsted opened this new piece of Giftware we were stunned at how beautiful they were, Silver plated with Crystals going up the stem, similar to our Rose Gold Toasting Glasses these are are simply too beautiful to not buy.
Bow Tie Toasting Glass Set


Suit Up! With this gorgeous pair of toasting glasses we are sure the happy just-wed couple will have even more lasting memories on their special night.
Beanstalk Narrow Toasting Pair


This exquisite Beanstalk Narrow Toasting Pair lends elegance to the bridal table! Notice the delicate detail on the stem! A fitting wedding gift to signify the specialness of the occasion.

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