#strongforme and CustomKings

Often we feel like laying down and simply doing nothing, this round of depression is hard to manage and sometimes a simple nudge can help us out of the funk that it is. At CustomKings we believe everyone should deserve to feel happy and we aim to help you get out of bed with our #strongforme collection.
This range of products focuses on positive and real quotes that inspire you to be yourself and move that body.

When your batteries are low and you need to feel that you are enough our range of wall decor, magnets and many other items (some coming soon) will inspire you.

Made from your choice of materials to suit any home, these items are a positive reinforcement for the thoughts that are deep down

You don’t need to be strong for anyone, but we ask you to be “strongforme”, the concept of self-happiness and self-care is far-reaching.

CustomKings always recommends speaking to professionals when you are in need, we recommend groups like LifelineThe Trevor Project and many more amazing support lines are there to help everyone.

With these groups contributing so much to their causes each and every day they have the grasp on the issues of mental help and self-care.

Many of our #strongforme products help this issue too, however if you have special phase or wording that means the world to you please let us know. CustomKings is always happy to make something personal to you and help you self-care expand.