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Personalised Gifts – 4 Great Reasons You Should

Personalised gifts are the ideal ways to catch anyone’s eye.They can make a so-so present into something significant and extraordinary. Consider these: 1. It leaves a lasting impression It is such a pleasure to watch the recipient getting attached to your gift! Consequently, so shall you! 2. It is personal Seeing the recipient’s name on […]

Personalised In-Store Embroidery

Personalised In-Store Embroidery CustomKings provides a specialised embroidery service right near Charlestown Square, located in the heart of Charlestown. With towels and other soft cotton goods in stock, CustomKings is ready to make your next personalised gift a present no one can forget. Being close to Charlestown Square allows you ample parking and allows us […]

Laser Engraved Gift Items

Messages or designs engraved on glass items have always fascinated me. Who wouldn’t be? They’re far more elegant and classy than painted-on designs. The process would intrigue anyone as they’re done on a variety of media – anywhere from wine glasses to shop windows. There’s a variety of techniques used in glass engraving. There’s point […]