Sonic Universe Issue 55


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1st appearance of Bark the Polar Bear 

AAAAARRRR you ready?? ‘Pirate Plunder Panic’ Part One: It’s mystery and mayhem on the high seas as Amy and Cream join first mates Blaze and Marine in their search for the final Sol Emerald! As ships clash on the stormy waters, familiar faces start to appear amongst the opposition and Blaze is targeted as enemy number 1! Who is the new, sinister force leading the robot pirates, and what is his past with Blaze? And what does a certain dynamite duck have to do with it all? Straight out of the smash-hit Sonic/Mega Man crossover event, you’re going to ‘treasure’ this all-new storyline written and penciled by Sonic art guru, Tracy Ya’rrrrr-dley! 

Regular Tracy Yardley Cover 

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