Unwritten Vol. 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity-Mike Carey, Peter Gross


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Fusing fact and fiction, Mike Carey and Peter Gross have joined forces once again for Vertigo’s forthcoming series, “The Unwritten.” The last time the two worked together, they produced an Eisner Award-nominated run on “Lucifer” and now they’re back in an attempt to rekindle the magic. Providing cover artwork is is Yuko Shimizu (“The Sandman: Dreamhunters”). “The Unwritten” centers around a popular series of books written by Wilson Taylor and featuring a young boy wizard named Tommy Taylor. But Tommy Taylor isn’t all fiction. He’s actually based on the author’s son, Tom – a 30-something Z-list celebrity who makes do living off appearances fees he earns for signing autographs at comics conventions. But now somebody, or more precisely, a cabal of cultish somebodies, are out to get him and it’s up to our reluctant hero to find out why. Teased as a conspiracy thriller not unlike “The Da Vinci Code,” “The Unwritten” promises to examine a plot that spans all of literature, from the first clay tablets to the gothic castles where Frankenstein was conceived to the self-adjusting stories of the internet. After reading the first issue — a forty-pager that goes on sale in May for just one dollar — CBR News sat down with Carey and Gross for this extensive and far-reaching two-part interview.

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