You Think Choosing a Baby Gift is Easy? Think Again!

Gift giving is as pleasurable to the person who gives it as much as to the one receiving it. Quite obviously, the recipient of a gift feels loved and valued with the gift. The giver derives pleasure from giving from the act of selecting the gift with the recipient’s happiness in mind. That makes choosing a baby gift particularly difficult – you don’t only think of the baby being too young to really comprehend, you think of the parents as well!

Giving a baby gift is giving part of yourself. The baby’s parent will surely appreciate that. It creates a bond between you and the parents. But what about the baby?

It then makes sense to choose a gift as a reminder of you when the child is bigger and is better able to value your gift of love.

Personalise it!

Gifts that show time and effort are appreciated the most. At Custom Kings, we help you do this by making available the various beautiful ways and media with which you can send your message across.

A Christening Gift set comprised of matching photo frame, christening certificate holder and first tooth and curl boxes is just the thing to remember an important milestone in the baby’s life. All items are engravable with details such as the baby’s name, Christening date and your message.

Baby Gift

A Noah’s Ark Money Box, likewise engravable, imparts a positive value of a secure financial future. As a first birthday gift, this item is perfect to remember you by. You can also be sure it will be around for many years to come.

Baby Gift

Giving a gift such as the huggable Dumble Elephant Cubbie will even be more memorable with its personalised embroidery. Everybody needs a hug, babies most especially. Enfold the baby with your love as you present your baby gift.

personalised baby gifts

These are but examples of gifts you can consider giving a baby. We have a whole lot more for you to choose from.

Customs Kings cares about you as much as we care about the baby. Meticulous care is always taken to ensure that your personalised message is done perfectly.