Choosing the Right Photo for Your Embroidery

We love a good pet, couple’s family or car pic for those stunning personalised embroidered hoodies and jumpers, each photo is redrawn by hand by our talented in-house graphic designers to resemble your photo in a line art style.

Choosing the right photo can be hard and our handy guide is aimed to make this process easier for you.
Please choose the right lighting for your photo can impact what our graphic designers can see to outline your drawing making it come to life, dark photos or overly light photos don’t work well in this case.

Likewise, if there are too many items in the photo, if there are 20 people in the photo and you have ordered a personalised couples hoodie, this will result in our team being unable to complete your order, we recommend cropping your photo so that the couple is in the centre and the main focus.

Remember the angle you provide in the photo will be the final angle your outline will be made it also, our team uses the photo for reference and is unable to see other angles. Likewise with any missing features in the photo you provide.

Examples of Past Work