Buying THE Perfect Personalised Gift

Need to impart a unique message for a special occasion? A personalised gift might be only way for you to do that. Engraved glass never ceases to amaze and delight no matter the occasion, be it a birthday gift, wedding gift or holiday gift.

A Guide to Customized Drinkware

The Right Item for the Right Occasion

It all starts with the correct drinkware. Consider who you’re giving the gift to and why you’re giving it to. The item itself can send a message. A wedding gift might require something like champagne flutes suited for the elegant and romantic event. A birthday gift, on the other hand, would need something more casual – a wine or scotch glass perhaps.

The Power of Words

Once you’ve chosen your item, you can then decide on what message your personalized gift is going to impart. Choosing your item beforehand makes it easier for you to decide because of size considerations.

Our expert designers can offer various fonts in different sizes to accommodate your message; normally containing the names, date and special blessing or message.

It Pays to Do a Last Minute Check

Double-check everything to make sure names are spelled correctly and dates are accurate. You can’t expect to be refunded for a personalised item that contain details that you yourself provided!

You may choose from our wide selection of drinkware to send your special message across. But whichever personalised gift you choose, we’re pretty sure your family and friends will be nothing but grateful and happy. Just be sure to follow the steps above as nobody ever likes his or her name misspelled – ever!