At the time of the sale CustomKings assumes you have taken due care in inspecting and choosing your item if purchased in store. If you return the item that has received damage after the purchase, CustomKings can not offer any return, refund or exchange. All services come with a 7-day guarantee. After this we cannot ensure it has not been used for the intended purpose. The exclusion to this is Watch Batteries which come with a 12 month guarantee from the manufacturer. If you believe there is a fault with your watch battery please contact us. For Change of mind (e.g. Found Cheaper Elsewhere, Wrong choice of product etc.) we do not offer a refund or exchange. However, Management may offer one in extreme cases. All due care is taken with engraving. However, due to the nature of our products and those supplied by customers, we can not issue a refund when the base material is affected by the engraving process. Compliments and / or Complaints? Email us at