Returns & Exchanges

Returns & Exchanges

CustomKings has become the business it is today because of our customer service. However to solve issues we must be notified of any issue within 7 days of yourself receiving the item.

We are unfortunately unable to provide a refund or exchange if there is a mistake due to a customer-made spelling or grammar error. So please make sure you check the spelling and details carefully, including names and dates.

We have perfected our packing process so we experience very few breakages. However in the very unlikely event that your item is damaged in transit please send through a photo of the damaged product within 7 days for our team to best help you with a compensation claim through Australia Post or a replacement. The photo must include the personalisation and the damage in the same photo to ensure our team can help. In some cases, Auspost may request a photo of the box or for you to visit them in person with the packaging and items.

Please note that as most products are personalised, We are unable to offer refunds once the production process has commenced unless the mistake was an error on our part. For non-personalised products, if the item is not as described or doesn’t meet the purpose it is intended via the product description, we will offer a refund or exchange once the item has been returned to us.

If you return a non-personalised product at your expense under a change of mind your order will incur a 20% administration with a restocking fee included to cover the cost of payment processing fees and staff wages for the items return and packing. As a small business, this is hard for us to absorb without increasing our prices for all customers.

The 20% administration fee also applies to cases where there is a technical error (e.g. customer placing 2 or more orders at once of the same items) and our team can not replicate the error using standard troubleshooting or everyday customer use. Our team will try every method using device simulations to replicate the issue to avoid charging this fee. If there are larger costs involved to try and replicate the error (outsourced IT work), then our team will reach out to discuss the issue and the fees involved.

In the case, you provide artwork that is not suitable (e.g. Your company logo is too low quality or does not fit on a coffee stencil design) we will work with you to make the graphics usable at the lowest cost to yourself.

If we are unable to make the graphics usable, you will be refunded the order total excluding the 20% administration fee outlined above.

However, in the case, you wish to cancel the order, the cost of graphic design time can not be refunded but we will refund the cost of the item only, with items that have the graphic time inbuilt (i.e Coffee Stencils, Pet and Couple Drawn items and corporate items) the cost of the graphic design time can be found by clicking here.

In cases where the item has a minor issue as outlined by the ACCC guidelines and it is unable to be repaired or replaced, CustomKings may request you to ship the item back to us to aid in the repair or replacement of your item, CustomKings will cover the cost of shipping through reimbursement of funds if the item is found to have a major issue. If you choose to use other means other than Australia Post, shipping will be at your expense, this is also if there is no issue found.

If you choose to return a personalised product to us that does not have a major issue, outlined by the ACCC guidelines and CustomKings agrees to the return, we shall issue a refund excluding shipping (and return shipping), GST, and a 70% cost of goods, service and administration cost. This is due to our personalised products not being able to be resold as each piece is permanently personalised for a lifetime. If you choose to return an item before CustomKings agrees to the return, CustomKings may ask you to pay for shipping to return your items to you if the courier refuses to return to sender.

Please note for refunds on in-store purchases please see our in-store refund policy.
For a copy of the ACCC guidelines please find them here: