Our Graphic Design Service

With 2020 halfway through and our services expanding and our possibilities reaching an endless state, our Graphics Design team is under demand more than ever. To make our customer’s order process easier we now offer a design tool with a live preview directly on our website. This is being rolled out on each of the products that have the possibility for this to be used.

This tool is great for our print and laser engraved items because it allows customers to design their own truly unique gifts from the ground up. Some items like our Live Preview Decanter set will allow you to see the engraving in our premade design by inputting your details requested.

Other items like our Shirt Printing range allow you to add clipart and even your own images easily by clicking the Add Image button.

At times the design tool is not possible on and item so we allow you to choose from a list of fonts and let us know the text you would like on the personalised item. We also offer an artwork proof option on these items when you need that reassurance our style fits your idea. An artwork proof allows up to 3 revisions to ensure you are happy with the end result.

Other times our team may be required to offer a graphics design session which involves working directly with our Graphics Team to ensure the item is exactly how you wish to have the end result. This option is only given when a fresh product that is not seen on our website is required or alternatively when you are unable to create the design using our tools. Our Graphics Team charges $35 per 20 minutes of design time with up to 3 revisions provided in this charge.

What Design Service can I use?

Example 1: Mary wants a personalised Shirt and has the design all ready

Mary can use our on-site Design tool to upload her design and add to cart, taking advantage of the low price.

Example 2: John wants a personalised Shirt and it’s just text with a simple image.

John can use our on-site Design tool to upload her design and add to cart, taking advantage of the low price.

Example 3: Craig wants a Personalised Beer Mug with text.

Craig can use our website to choose a font and let us know the text he would like on the glass with optional artwork proof.

Example 4: Sue wants a shirt with a design but doesn’t have any artwork but she has an idea!

Sue can contact our team at sales@customkings.com.au and book in a Design Session with our graphics team to create her idea!