Our Graphic Design Service

CustomKings offers our low prices and quick turnaround thanks to our many automated systems, this means you pay the lowest price possible for your gift items. To keep all our customer dreams come true we do offer a graphics service on selected items to ensure you get the item you are looking for.

We highly recommend to keep the low price and fast turnaround using the options on our website, this means your order is generally dispatched next business day.

What Design Service can I use?

Example 1: Mary wants a personalised lolly jar with a design seen on our website.

Mary can simply enter the details in the text fields and add to cart, taking advantage of the low price.

Example 2: John wants a personalised hoodie with his company logo.

John can upload his logo and request an artwork proof if he wishes and add to cart, taking advantage of our artwork proof options to ensure his logo is exactly as he envisions.

Example 3: Craig wants a Personalised Beer Mug with text and some clipart.

Craig can use our website to choose a font and let us know the text they would like on the glass with a text and graphic artwork proof he can also upload the clipart he has.

Example 4: Sue wants a plaque with a a full logo, text and artwork design but doesn’t have any design knowledge but they have an idea!

Sue can contact our team at sales@customkings.com.au and book in a Design Session with our graphics team to create their idea!