Licence Plate Key Chains and Keyrings

Since 2016 our team has been creating PlateIt keyrings for car enthusiasts Australia wide using our professional laser engraving machines, from our humble beginnings in a small kiosk to our now full factory. Our team has been able to keep our prices low and our turnaround time famously fast. No matter the copy cats out there you can be ensured CustomKings will have your order dispatched within 2 Business Days.

With your own personalised licence plate keyring you can show off your style and pride of the car of your dreams, not limited to your rego number these engraved or printed keyrings come in a range of colours and layouts. Popular licence plate keychains include our PlateIt branded style Z which is similar in nature to the NSW licence plate found on many vehicles. 

Not to your style? We offer one of the largest range of keyrings styles with the ability to also make any shape possible thanks to our laser cutters, engravers and UV printers. Let your imagination pop by talking to us about your dream keychain.

Below is a list of matching styles to popular Australian Licence Plates simply click on the below links.

Classic Victoria Licence Plate – Our Standard Plate It Keyring offers all options for this

Classic Queensland Licence Plate – Our Style Z Plate It Keyring offers all options for this

Traditional New South Wales Licence Plate – Style Z Plate It Keyring

Traditional Northern Territory Licence Plate – Style Z Plate It Keyring 

Traditional Western Australia Licence Plate – Style Y Plate It Keyring 

Traditional Australian Capital Territory Licence Plate – Style Z Plate It Keyring 

Traditional Tasmania Licence Plate – Style T Plate It Keyring

JDM Licence Plates – JDM Keyring

If none of the above suit your licence plate, our team can custom create a new layout for you using your licence plate as an example. Please email us via our contact form and our team will let you know if it is possible and the cost involved.

Looking for a greater range of colour combinations? Our Printed PlateIt Licence Plate Keyrings are able to be in a range of colours.