Say No to Fake Sales & Discounts

CustomKings firmly believes that everyone deserves a fair price and a fair wage in Australia, because of this if ever we save money we pass that on to our customers. Over our decades in the industry, we have noticed the rising trend that many Australian and International companies attempt to do “seasonal sales” but have you ever noticed that the price slowly rises before dropping for the “sale”?

The lies and deception have to stop in Australia, how many times have you lifted a sale tag and seen the sale price on the normal price tag, or seen it the same sale price the week before? These tactics have been used by large corporations to take advantage of Australians for decades, we heavily dislike this at CustomKings so we vowed to never do sales and instead let customers know they are always getting the best price we can offer for their order all year round.

Example of when we can offer a discount

A customer orders 100 water bottles with Personalised Text

We receive a discount from our supplier for 100 water bottles and we pass this saving on to our customer.
The customer then would like the same engraving on all 100 water bottles. Because this saves time in production and then wages we can also pass this savings on to our customers.

So don’t be fooled when a business big or small offers you a discount or has a sale, always look at the original price from 3 months prior at least or in some cases a per unit (or ml / g) price to see if you are actually grabbing a bargin or if the business is lying to you.

Say no to fake sales & discounts - customkings
Say no to fake sales & discounts - customkings