Modern and Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

We all know how hard it can be to get the right gift for your partner or family for that 1st or 50th Wedding Anniversary and making it a personalised gift can make it even harder sometimes. Luckily CustomKings can help with some prepared gifts that you can personalise with ease and a quick turnaround.

1st Wedding Anniversary – Traditional, Paper – Modern, Clocks

We recommend a Book Reading Jar along with their favourite Book Box Set, the Book Reading Jar offers them a chance to have a special surprise each time they are looking for a new book to read. While the modern take of a clock can be a nice gift, we generally advise against it in today’s world with phones and watches being readily available.

2nd Wedding Anniversary – Traditional, Cotton – Modern, China

Something every couple could use is a Personalised Bath Sheet set, made from 100% cotton and embroidered with their married last name or you can purchase single bath sheets if it is just for your partner. For the more Modern couples we do offer an alternative to fine china with our ceramic personalised mugs, often the couples mug being the favourite, order 2 to create the perfect couple gift.

3rd Wedding Anniversary – Traditional, Leather – Modern, Glass

For the handsome men in your life, we offer a range of leather wallets, each personalised with a special design or message, with the beautiful ladies our leatherette notebooks are often a hit for those with a planning mindset. For Modern couples matching glasses can be found memorable and personalised, CustomKings offers a wide range of glassware with our decanter range being the most popular for couples.

5th Wedding Anniversary – Traditional, Wood – Modern, Silverware

CustomKings offers a large range of wood gifts but our wooden photo blocks are the perfect piece of home decor for the happy couple to display throughout their home. The modern couple often loves the same but in a standard photo frame with a personalised engraved plaque attached.

10th Wedding Anniversary – Traditional, Tin / Aluminium – Modern, Diamond Jewellery

We know after all these wonderful gifts for previous occasions tin or aluminium can seem not as extravagant but with your personalised design these aluminium wall signs can have a stunning photo to showcase your love or many as a garage sign. Modern diamonds can be either lab-grown or natural and that’s to our friends at Love Story Jewellery you can purchase either.

25th Wedding Anniversary – Traditional and Modern, Silver

Making a splash after 25 long years of marriage is Silver, often referred to as the Silver Anniversary a personalised silver gift deserves all the time and care to be made unique for each couple or partner. With personalised budget-friendly cotton bath sheets with Silver (or grey) thread or maybe a good gift to award them for the many years in our silver trophy found here.