The Next Big Thing in Engraved Glass

With Laser Engraving becoming a well-known alternative to sandblasting, CNC engraving and hand engraving, it’s clear to the world this is the next big step in engraved glasses. Compared to older methods like hand engraving, you are not reliant on a person-years of experience to produce a high-quality result.

In saying that CustomKings has over 14 years of experience since beginning with hand engraving. This allowed us to measure over time the best way to ensure each engraved glass produced is of high quality and the perfect personalised gift for our customers.

Often with methods other than laser engraving, it is hard to produce a design on an engraved glass such as a logo or image. However, with laser engraving, this can be easily accomplished in a timely manner to allow our customers to receive their items quicker.

Why choose CustomKings for your engraved glass needs?

With a high-quality USA laser and a large range of styles, your next personalised gift will be something that will last for years to come. The engraved glass will stand as a memory of a joyful occasion such as a birthday, wedding or even a christening.

Often we are asked for UV Printed glasses. However, after research and many attempts to ensure a quality result for our customers, we discovered the benefits of laser engraved glasses. These engraved glasses are dishwasher safe, hand wash safe and look the same after years of use. Sadly with UV Printing the glasses can only be hand washed and start to fade over time, losing their magical look.

Choose CustomKings for your next engraved glass and see the difference in quality.