5 Unspoken Benefits of Using a Whisky Decanter

It’s no secret that a whisky decanter brings a remarkable aesthetic to any bar, but many aren’t aware of the extraordinary drink benefits that decanters bring to home bars.

Your Whisky Won’t Age In Its Original Bottle
Never let your whisky sit in its original unopened bottle thinking that you’re prolonging the ageing process. Due to its high alcohol percentage, whisky doesn’t age in its original bottle and is immune to flavour changes. A decanter’s air-tight seal will prolong the life of your whisky, no matter how many times you pour a glass, keeping it fresh and flavoursome.

Decanters Preserve the Life of Your Whisky
Unfortunately, once a bottle of whisky is opened it allows for air to get in, causing oxidation in the whisky. Over time, oxidation will reduce the quality of whisky and occurs at a more rapid rate as more air gets in the bottle. Decanters are ideal for whisky storage, ensuring the perfect quality of your whisky with an air-tight seal.

You Can Mix Your Whisky Blend
Have you got a secret whisky blend that you enjoy sipping on? Keep your guests guessing by pouring your favourite liquids into your decanter and have it sit at your bar, ready to go.

Nobody has to know what’s in the bottle!

They Can Be Purchased in a Set With Matching Glasses
Nothing looks better than matching glassware. A decanter with matching whisky glasses will ensure your bar looks in uniform, adding a classy element.

Here at Custom Kings, our decanters can be purchased singularly or completely in a set with matching glasses. The engraving on the whisky glasses will be the exact same design as the decanter, scaled down. Our personal favourite is our Personalised Hipster Decanter Set, which can be found by clicking here.

They Level Up Your Home Bar
There’s no doubt that a Decanter Set is a perfect addition to any bar. Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party or having a few quiet drinks at home, a Decanter Set has the ability to add the perfect shiny aesthetic that’ll get your guests talking.

Take a look at our top-selling Decanter Sets: