Wooden Photo Blocks Personalised with your Photo

With a quick glance, you can see memories and cherish them each day, a simple freestanding wooden photo block with your choice of image and text on Australian Pine can provide an aesthetic to fit most home decor styles. With a range of sizes to suit your photo, you can adore your home with a small or large collection of photos UV printed onto the wood.

The latest in UV Printing is at our fingertips to offer a bright and vivid finish for your personalised photo when printed onto wooden photo blocks. Using the recommended guides below for photo layout to ensure the finished product matches your expectations can greatly increase the beauty of your free-standing photo block.

Wooden Photo Blocks Recommend Photo Shapes

By choosing a photo with great contrast and colours (or black and white), you can ensure the lasting memories are seen easily at all times regardless of the light in your home.

Wooden Photo Blocks Recommend Contrast

Wooden photo blocks personalised with your photo - customkings
Wooden photo blocks personalised with your photo - customkings

Each piece of Australian pine is chosen to have the least amount of knots or noticeable grain difference, however, in all cases, the grain will be different giving each personalised wooden photo block giving a timeless rustic look. Due to the beautiful light brown colour of the natural timber, your photos will print slightly darker than if they were printed on white photo paper or a canvas. UV printers produce beautiful prints with rustic charm. If you are after a slick, glossy photo print then printing on wood is probably not for you and canvas would be a better option.

A print file is created from your design so please ensure that your image suits the shape to be printed. Please check; the spelling, punctuation, grammar and capitalisation of all wording prior to adding it to your cart as you cannot edit your design once in the cart.

Our wide range of sizes offers you the choice to fit your home aesthetic, from small squares to large rectangles and every size in between. With the option to reach out to us if the size you require isn’t readily available on our website and we can create a new size for you. Likewise, if there is a certain layout you would like to request please reach out to our friendly team to let us help.

Personalised polaroid wooden photo block